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Guest Blogger, Isabel Banerjee

Chief Prospector and Polisher

Managing Director, GroYourBiz Arizona


It is impossible to be “ON” 100% of the time. I don’t always feel brilliant or sparkle. There are days that I just want to wear old PJs and fuzzy socks, binge watch TV comedies and eat salted caramel gelato.

Fortunately, most days I love my life and I know deep in my belly that I was always meant to be an entrepreneur. On the days that I’m tempted to hit the snooze button, I whisper to myself “Isabel, this is no way to build an empire!” and my feet hit the floor.

I bring my best game to life when I am creating solutions and helping others maximize their potential. My DNA, my cells all line up to make me ideally suited to take risks, see opportunities and impassion others.

In my natural state, like a diamond in the rough, I started with the potential to shine. I’ve always loved to learn and adapted quickly in many careers, adding new skills, gaining confidence, always growing. I wasn’t conscious at first that each of my experiences, even the rough ones, where forging me into a raw gem. Like diamonds, entrepreneurs are formed under high pressure and a lot of heat!

Maximizing the value by cutting and polishing a rough diamond takes time and expertise. Gems and entrepreneurs have many facets. The process of revealing the true brilliance of a jewel requires skill and investment.

If there is a flaw in an entrepreneurial gem, it is usually self-doubt. We often undermine our own worth. We magnify perceived flaws into huge cracks and overlook the clarity, the color and the brilliance of our own rareness.

Your vision can be distorted if your view is only from the end of your own microscope. When you are always up close to your lens, it is not possible to see the sparkle. Standing back and taking in an expansive view allows you to see all sides, all facets and all of the brilliance of your diamond opportunities.

You’ll get an even more accurate appraisal of yourself and your ‘mine’, if you enlist the collective wisdom of a group of advisors who, like you, are invested in polishing their gems.  A structured peer to peer advisory board such a GroYourBizTM MyBusinessMyBoardTM is a brilliant way to increase your carats!

As Elizabeth Taylor said “Big Girls deserve Big Diamonds!”

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