OP Nanook 2013 was a fascinating experience

Spending time being embedded with the CAF troops from the senior officials to the soldiers, airmen and airwomen, once again reinforced for me the importance of our military during safety and security training events. But my gratitude and appreciation didn’t stop there. It was the collective team of the various government departments and agencies of the federal, territory and municipality, the local indigenous Rangers, all working closely together to respond to emergencies in the Arctic.

Author Erin Abercrombie describes it well in her overview.

 “Operation NANOOK serves to enhance the Canadian Armed Forces’ capability to operate in the challenging Arctic environment and to demonstrate its continued commitment and ability to support its northern and federal mission partners’ efforts to respond to safety and security situations.”

Having been involved with the fires at Sun Peaks, BC, in 2013, along with other communities the in the Thompson Nicola Regional District, I remembered clearly how important team work is to a disaster. It is even more so with the unique challenges of the North.

Highlights for me included the terrific airmen flying Canada’s Griffins; the incredible Canadian Rangers teaching us survival skills and listening to them share their expertise—they truly know the land like no others! And of course their work with the Junior Rangers must be given special recognition.

I know that the six of us stakeholders all walked away with an overwhelming appreciation and knowledge that we gained during OP NANOOK 2013. It provides us with an opportunity to share our awareness from a first-hand experience to other stakeholders emphasizing the importance of the work that the CAF and other agencies capacity as we deal with Canada’s Arctic sovereignty.

Due to time commitments while we were not able to stay for the other scenarios taking place in Cornwallis Island and Resolution Island, please consider following OP Nanook 2013 and see the photos on these websites:  


The Honourable Elaine Taylor, Deputy Premier of Yukon, addresses the crowd and thanks the troops, in Shipyards Park beside the Yukon River in Whitehorse, Yukon during Operation NANOOK 2013 on 10 August 2013.

and via the Joint Task Force (North) Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jtf-north

[Note: In the second scenario, the Canadian Armed Forces will assist Environment Canada on Cornwallis Island with an illegal falcon egg poaching scenario. The suspected poaching activity will fall within the law enforcement mandate of Environment Canada.

In the third scenario, on and around Resolution Island, the Canadian Armed Forces will assist RCMP with simulated suspicious activity. The scenario will also involve a transfer at sea between the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard.