Saijal Patel, Founder/CEO of Saij Elle is pleased to offer her Strictly Money financial education program exclusively designed for women for ALL GroYourBiz Members.

For 20+ years, she’s listened to women all over the world tell her they’re overwhelmed with financial information leaving them confused and frustrated, they’re financially stressed and worried about their future, and that they’re too busy juggling priorities to be wasting needless time figuring this “secret realm of finances” out.


If you feel this way, this course is for you.


10 weeks – – 5 module – – 14 lessons and you can learn would 90% of men and women don’t ever learn – and that’s how to live a truly financially empowered life. You’re return on investment will be 10-25x.


All lessons come with worksheets, tools, and templates so you can put what you learn into action. Plus you’ll have access to extra articles and videos right at your fingertips!

GroYouBiz Members receive exclusive pricing. Contact Saijal to receive your discount code.