Dear Friends and Colleagues,

No these are not my grandchildren this year—they are children of the world who will soon be the leaders of our countries, wherever we may be living. Like never before our voices and words do matter, so this year I’m reaching out with a simple missive:

“Let us all work together locally and globally to provide a just and humane world that cherishes respect, diversity, kindness, gender equality and creating a better future for everyone.”

The global pandemic has affected all of us. Adapting to the “new normal” has been a challenge — more so for some than others. We ask “When will it be over?”

We can all make life easier for many by contributing whatever we can to those in need. I continue to be truly inspired by the work of organizations helping others from “Doctors Without Borders” who I have supported for over a decade, and many others from CARE Canada, Vital Voices, Obama Center, Union Gospel, CAF, War Amps, YWCA, Easter Seals, Big Sisters, Responsible Leadership, to name a few. They have all touched my heart in many ways.

On the homefront, I continue to be grateful to have healthy grandchildren grow up in a safe environment. No matter what our beliefs, this time of year brings a moment of peace and gratefulness. I want to take a moment to share with you my heartfelt thanks for your continued friendship, and to wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy 2021.

With Gratitude,
Barbara and the team at GroYourBiz