“Building a business is dependent upon building relationships and building relationships is dependent upon knowing yourself.”

Uncovering new marketing opportunities during COVID-19, exploring strategies on how to attract new sales, new customers, clients and/or members in a sluggish economy are the priorities leaders are facing today.  This webinar will include ways to improve your competitive advantage in the “new norm”, discuss characteristics of successful relationships, provide tips on inexpensive marketing techniques, as well as include an exercise to help business owners assess their own personal and unique leadership style* to create win-win situations.

*Please note that the link to do the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is no longer active.  It was only available to the participants who joined the initial BMO seminar.  However, if you are interested in doing a Personal Style Indicator, (PSI), there is a nominal cost of $20.00*, a value price offered to BMO Registrants only.  Contact me directly Barbara.Mowat@GroYourBiz.com

Duration: 1:29:58 | Recorded on June 2, 2020