Global consumer buying habits continually are changing, especially among women and youth who are speaking out more. They crave authenticity and purpose, and issues they most care about, which are key elements for a successful brand. So, what are corporations and public institutions doing to stand out and be different? In this session we showcase leaders whose innovative ideas are generating a new model of doing business.  Each panelist shares their own underlying culture addressing this new leadership incorporating socially, environmentally, and corporately responsible behaviours in their business practices, including sustainability, inclusiveness, diversity, and gender equality.

This Plenary Session goal is to provide delegates with innovative, dynamic, and thoughtful ideas to inspire a leadership growth. Women increasingly play a powerful role in driving global changes. We believe that sharing “best practices” will drive unprecedented positive change for all businesses, no matter their size or sector.

Our keynote panelists are prominent leaders who will share their views reflecting on how they are making strides in issues we most care about while serving clients and social goals as it relates to the four major conference themes: leadership, global competitiveness, business growth and megatrends.