Marty Britton
Job candidates LIE! You need to know the REAL candidate. Know what to look for to ensure you are hiring who you think you are hiring. The first pre-employment screening company in Canada, with over 45 years in business is pleased to share useful tips on finding the right job candidate.

Angela Heit
You spent a lot of time and money hiring your perfect employee, now set them up for success and reap the rewards of your investment. In this session you’ll learn: 1) A simple process to increase your employee’s productivity faster by capitalizing on your new employees excitement for their new job; 2) The power of positive feedback to exponentially increase your ROI on your employees; 3) How to avoid the 3 most common People Management Mistakes that cost business owners time, money and frustration; 4) The secret to increasing your day-to-day happiness while running your business.