Jonathan Hagmaier

Jonathan Hagmaier, CEO of Interactive Achievement and a delegate for the Virginia Trade Mission to Vancouver 2015, has been searching for his “West Coast Hub” and believes Vancouver is the place to be! GroYourBiz organized a meeting in Vancouver this past Monday to discuss British Columbia’s educational system and what Jonathan’s program is all about. Among those attending were Carolyn Cross (CEO of Ondine Biomedical and a GroYourBiz Trusted Advisor), Eva Sun (CEO of Libra National and a GroYourBiz Trusted Advisor), Emily Ohler (CEO of Broadleap), Hanne Madsen (Vice Chair at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and a GroYourBiz Chair for White Rock/Surrey and Kamloops), as well as Junior Achievement managers Cheryl Borgmann and Wafa Bilal.

Recently awarded the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Jonathan has developed a software program that creates “Ah-ha!” moments for teachers by providing a system that collects individualized student data and organized information to create an effective curriculum.

As a past principal and teacher in Virginia, Jonathan provided an engaging meeting to identify what British Columbia is looking for in its educational system.

Education Technology

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Technology provides solutions for the future and the tools all education systems need to start incorporating. With software programs like Interactive Achievement, teachers can help students stay on track by keeping records of each student’s progress throughout their educational journey.

Using Data to Understand Student Needs

Visual learners, textile learners, or whatever sparks a student’s passion, Jonathan suggests that if all teachers could pull pages of assessments on a student with the click of a button, and knew exactly how each student learned in their classroom and what practices worked best, then a teacher could properly guide a student through the educational process. Hanne Madsen (KPU) explained that students need to feel their particular skills are valuable and can be used in the future. If teachers could immediately identify what each student’s strengths and weaknesses are, students would have the fair advantage of developing their unique skills and knowledge with the right support from teachers.

“So What, Now What?”

As Emily Ohler (Broadleap) stated, once teachers have the data, how can solutions be structured? What are the next steps educational leaders, teachers, and parents need to take for improving all educational systems in Canada. By providing an Honourable, Unselfish, and Generous program (“the H.U.G. philosophy”), Jonathan believes that his program can help teachers discover solutions by organizing student assessment information in seconds. Now what can teachers do with all of this assessment data to come up with a successful curriculum? Over 145,000 teachers who are currently using Interactive Achievement may have an answer for us. What Jonathan needs are the educational leaders, teachers, and parents in BC to collaborate and expand!

It was a pleasure having Jonathan speak with some of Vancouver’s top educational and business leaders to discuss new ways our school systems can improve. For more information on Interactive Achievement, visit and connect with Jonathan:

Facebook: Interactive Achievement

Twitter: @intractvachvmnt and @joniachievement

LinkedIn: Interactive Achievement