This week, we’re spotlighting GroYourBiz member Chantal Carter, founder of Love & Nudes, a Toronto-based company making nude lingerie for women of colour. Featured in multiple TV interviews, Chantal engages meaningfully with topics of beauty, race and representation.

As she sits down with CTV, Chantal discusses how her company’s intimates are designed to reflect all the skin tones of the world. Stressing the importance of representation, Chantal explores the lack of diversity in fashion and lingerie and highlights her efforts to combat shadism through her work.

Chantal’s message is beautiful: Be Your Own Beauty.

What’s more, just last week Chantal was also featured on this segment of CBC’s The National, where she emphasizes the need for companies to engage in more meaningful solidarity with the Black community – “I would like to see more than hashtags.”

Truly incredible, Chantal!