Today, we start with words shared by former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Addressing the graduating class of 2020, Obama begins her commencement speech “not as the former first lady, but as a real live person: a mother; a mentor; a citizen concerned about your future and the future of our country”.

“Over these past couple of months our foundation has been shaken — not just by a pandemic that stole too many of our loved ones, upended our daily lives, and sent tens of millions into unemployment, but also by the rumbling of the age-old fault lines that our country was built on: the lines of race and power that are now, once again, so nakedly exposed for all of us to grapple with…What is happening right now is the direct result of decades of unaddressed prejudice and inequality”

Tapping into the emotion felt across the nation, Michelle Obama reminds us that “anger is a powerful force…when anger is focused, when it’s channeled into something more, that is the stuff that changes history.”

Her speech was powerful. Let’s follow her words, and channel this anger into change.

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