GroYourBiz teams up with Ugenie to connect its International Community!

Abbotsford, BC and London, UK, July 2018  –  GroYourBiz, an organization which fosters and supports women entrepreneurs through monthly peer-to-peer business Advisory Boards (MyBusinesMyBoard™) has partnered with Ugenie to launch its own private digital hub via the Ugenie platform. In addition to making it easier for the GroYourBoard Chair/Facilitator to administer/manage monthly Advisory Board meetings, the hub will enable members for the first time to connect and collaborate with its global membership by “digitally connecting.”

GroYourBiz is thrilled to form an alliance with Ugenie, utilizing their digital technology for all our communities. By leveraging our two organizations, we will provide women business leaders to further develop professionally and expand their business for even greater success on three levels-at the international level, at the Advisory Board level, and the individual member level” said Barbara Mowat, Founder and CEO of GroYourBiz Ltd. and GroYourBiz Global. “By enabling global connectivity, we are able to extend the benefits that peer-to-peer interactions provide to our members, whilst also increasing the productivity and opportunities we have as an organization.”

The Ugenie hub is making lives easier for members:

GroYourBiz introduced members to the Ugenie app earlier this year with boards from Canada and Europe. Members welcomed the many benefits of a centralized mobile hub, including where they get important information about upcoming board meetings/events; content driven material relevant to their business growth needs; access to smart tutorial videos; a marketplace for collaborative bargaining, and the ability to customize content sharing their own challenges related to business growth, organizational and leadership needs. However, the members were more excited about having a private place to connect with the other dynamic women from the organization that were not in their specific board. GYB member, Dana LeComte stated: Its all about getting a true sense of connection outside my board. This helps me to have a feel of value to a bigger family. With Ugenie, I have the opportunity to connect, get to know, support and do business with other GYB members, no matter where they are located.” – Dana LeComte, Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery, Victoria, BC

Collaboration Across Borders creates Business Growth Opportunities:

GroYourBiz Global recently launched its’ very first international virtual board, utilizing the CETA Trade Agreement between Canada, EU and UK.  By using Ugenie to connect, the entire membership is looking forward to making connections with other women from across borders to create business growth opportunities.

Ugenie provides a solution beyond social media:

Ugenie, which was founded by GroYourBiz Co-Chair ,UK Board, Susan Kabani, is a private customizable membership platform which gives businesses a tailored mobile hub in which to share important brand information with their stakeholders, whilst also providing a private digital space for them to connect with each other. The key difference between the Ugenie platform and social media is its gearing towards a more personalized interaction for each and every user. The experience is made hyper-relevant by aligning content to the user’s interests and preferences within the context of the community they are a part of, reducing the noise and clutter that is associated with social media. This enables businesses to increase productivity by delivering the right information to the right people, whilst making it more convenient for users to find the information that is relevant for them.  Kabani believes “The values of GroYourBiz are brilliant and I want to help our community grow stronger in numbers, but also better connected. By using digital technology effectively, our organizations can both support our own immediate boards more, but also connect and collaborate within the entire network no matter the distance.”

For more information, contact:

Barbara Mowat, Founder & CEO
GroYourBiz Ltd.
T: 604-534-5007 | C: 604-644-8298

Susan Kabani, Founder & CEO