Chala DincoyAfter leaving a secure 20 year corporate career, Toronto based Chala Dincoy set out to run her own full time coaching business.

Through her business Coachtactics, Chala offers one-on-one marketing coaching for business professionals helping to focus their business so they can accelerate their word-of-mouth growth.

Chala has been in business now for the past two and a half years, tripling her 2013 sales numbers and this year doubling her year-to-date business. She contributes her business success, in part, to her membership with GroYourBiz.

“Previous to joining GroYourBiz, I found it impossible to find a networking group where (growth oriented) six figure business owners were getting together and helping each other. Most groups are full of fly-by-nighters or startups. I’m not into hit and runs, and I love developing deep and meaningful friendships around my business,” said Chala.

Marg Hachey, GroYourBiz Managing Director for Ontario and Eastern Canada, introduced Chala to the organization and provided her a platform to present her coaching business a large group of likeminded business women.

“First and foremost, Marg allowed me an audience where I spoke at the yearly GroYourBiz retreat. This allowed GroYourBiz members to get to know my work and to hire me,” said Chala.

She describes Marg as a powerhouse of connections and information, a go-to person for virtually everything.

“I’ve hired her accountant who saved me from an enormous tax burden and her designer (another GroYourBiz member) has designed a stand out speaker’s package for me which I’ve recently sent to a 3,000 woman conference to be selected as a speaker,” said Chala.

Other instances where she used the help of the MyBusinessBoard™ was for a completely unexpected event, a male client was hitting on her.

“The members’ advice was invaluable. When that same male client threatened to sue me and sent me my first ever scary lawyer’s letter, within half an hour Marg had me on the phone with one of our other chapter members who was a litigation lawyer,” said Chala.

Chala believes another advantage of being part of a group comprised of business women is the support pertaining to parenting her 5-year-old “fireball” son Logan.

“The ladies are full of sage advice when it comes to motherhood, and it makes it the most unique business environment to be able to share all my life and hear about theirs at the same time,” said Chala.

Chala recently presented on “Money Mindset: How to Bust Through Your Conditioning to Grow Your Business” as part of the GroYourBiz Retreat, held in New York. Patti Pokorchak a small business sales coach and a retreat attendee said Chala’s presentation on the way your brain chemistry can be changed was really quite a revelation.

“(Chala) talked about her money mindset, it was really, really interesting because it confirmed in me, the reason for affirmations and how it can actually change your brain chemistry,” said Patti. “Chala was very engaging . . . (and) very down to earth.”

You can find coaching tips from Chala on her YouTube channel: /coachtactis. In the video below she reveals how you can make your small business stand out amongst your competitors:

cathyearleCathy Earle is a member of the GroYourBiz Kamloops Chapter. Through her company Peaks Media she consults clients in Canada and Australia on how to get the most out of their internet presence through web and social media integration. She writes a monthly blog post on GroYourBiz chapter members entrepreneurial  successes.