Isabel bra blogAs a woman who is physiologically dependent on extreme garment engineering and psychologically attracted to beautiful things that support me to look and feel my best, I am very conscious of the attributes of a great bra.

Further, since I’ve made my way through life this far without traditional post- secondary education, I have relied heavily on acquiring knowledge through hands on experience,  self-study and leveraging the talents of an army of “Certified Smart People” – aka my ‘CSPs; my advisors, mentors, coaches and consultants.

I am glad that I realized early in my life that I would benefit from choosing support to help accelerate my growth, overcome obstacles and expand my vision. I also realized that different timing and circumstances required unique expert skill sets and contributions from my CSPs. I learned that it was important to choose the right resource and the right team for my specific needs at the time.

Just as explained on WikiHow; “Every woman deserves to be comfortable in her bra. Bras–just like bodies and breasts–come in just about every shape, size, and color imaginable. The enormous variety can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.”

Like the right bra, choosing the right CSP to support you requires shopping around, taking measurements and working with qualified professionals. Know who will measure up to your present needs while leaving room for fluctuation at times. Consider that there is a wide range of pricing for underwear and consultants. What’s your budget? But remember, in lingerie as well as in professional services, the adage “You get what you pay for” is generally true.

No bra lasts forever! Time, gravity and activities require us to regularly re-measure and update our support systems. If you’ve gone through a change or things don’t seem to feel right anymore, don’t wait until something breaks! Get refitted regularly. You need a strong foundation to stay out in front, perky and keep your business pointing forward!

Nothing boosts my confidence quite as effectively as stepping out in a well-constructed, exquisite red lace bra from my favorite French foundation designer. It is my secret weapon! No one else knows I’ve got it but this powerful under armor is supporting me through the day, affirming my boldness and bravery as Warrior Queen in the World of Business – just like my advisory board!

And like this Momma said “Make sure you put on clean (and pretty) underwear before stepping out in the world so that you are ready for an encore!”



Isabel Banerjee
Managing Director, Arizona
O: 602.910.4275