By Isabel Banerjee

That is the question . . .

I recently “re”-heard the term ‘Willy-Nilly’ and thought how appropriate the timing to be reminded of this amusing sounding expression and its more serious meaning.

Is it coincidental that this occurred at the time that purposeful and strategic thinking and planning were on my mind?

I think not! As others’ have said, there are no co-incidences just well-timed messages.

I’ve been facilitating GroYourBiz MyBoard workshops these past few months about how to create and leverage a Strategic Plan for business to get predictable results.

‘Willy-Nilly’ is defined by various dictionaries as ‘action without thought or in a haphazard or spontaneous manner’. Translation; leaving one without choice or control of the outcome.

Is that the way you run your business? Your profession? Your life?

‘Willy-Nilly’; leaving your fate to kismet; in the hands of others – good or ill intentioned. Really? Is that not like throwing your money, time and efforts into the middle of the street and waiting to see if the winds blow favorably?

‘Willy-Nilly’ is like stepping into a boat as the tide goes out, without oars or a compass and hoping that you get somewhere you’d like to be, on time and not eaten by sharks.

How could we leave our fate, our investment, our livelihood to chance like this?

Rather than ‘Willy-Nilly’. . .  I recommend “Will You Not!”

“Will You Not!”:

  • Allow others to control your journey
  • Be unclear of your chosen destination and arrival time
  • Have a Vision and Mission that are out of alignment with your core values
  • Leave to guess-work what resources you need to accomplish your goals
  • Be vague about the measurements and milestones that verify that you are ‘on target’ and ‘on schedule’
  • Have any uncertainty of the daily, weekly and monthly priorities and activities to focus on and which ones to delegate
  • Forget to celebrate progress along the way
  • Wait until it is too late to adjust course to avoid the icebergs


‘Will You Not!’ begin this year without a clearly articulated vision and strategy and check your progress regularly!

It is never too late to plan and to be accountable to yourself and to your advisory board!

Wishing you a Wonderful New Year, a Joyous Voyage and a Safe Arrival at the Destination of Your Choice!

ibIsabel Banerjee
Commander of My Destiny
Managing Director, GroYourBiz, Arizona
CEO, BIYA Global, Inc.
CEO, The Encore Catalyst
INT’L Leader, My Big Idea