By Maureen McCabe

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Three-hours on a Couch

Each month I spend approximately 20-30 minutes while riding the subway to our meeting, completing my Monthly Check-in Report. It is optional and not turned in. The process helps me to recognize the progress and accomplishments of the previous month, to identify where I’m stuck and what’s keeping me back, and my personal commitment to action and accountability for next month’s meeting.

At the meeting each member provides an update. I have said it’s like lying down on a psychiatrist’s couch with my feet up for 5-8 minutes seeking help. But unlike the psych, who often doesn’t answer your questions, we have a chair and a dozen experts, fellow board members who genuinely want to help and support me.

Their insights into business processes and my ongoing monthly lessons are more than I could have imagined. Great guest speakers help to fill in gaps, ones that I didn’t realize that I had. Time set aside for “member challenges” is wonderful, not just for the member but all who support and share our lessons learned.

Each month, for three hours I focus exclusively on my business. Prior to joining GYB, I had not set aside time to plan for my business. Like many business owners, I was too busy with the day-to-day operations. I’ve now bought into planning and make time, but not as much as I should. I remind myself, patience grasshopper – a throwback to the Kung Fu, martial arts drama on TV. Change begins with one step.

Nightmares & Revenue Canada

After listening intently for eight months to a fellow Markham board member’s updates by Irene Ji, CA, I realized that I wasn’t getting the service or support from my own accountant that I needed. I literally started losing sleep imaging what could happen if I were audited. I hired Irene, and we have completed two year-ends. No more nightmares for yours truly.

Referrals. Revenue.

Many GYB members and prospective ones have heard me often say, and I was very sincere, “I don’t care if I ever get a client or referral, that’s not why I joined or what I value. It’s the couch that I love”.

I have used the services of many members and recommended others to clients and friends. An unexpected bonus – I got a client from our board which more than paid for one year’s membership. I’ve now amended the above statement:

“I am grateful for every client and referral, but that’s not why I joined. It’s a nice bonus.”

The GroYourBiz membership fee is equivalent to a monthly massage. It’s an investment in my business. Yep. That’s why I’ll be a GYB lifer too!


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