This is the BEST news I’ve heard all week given the dismal global news! I’m so proud of you Carolyn Cross and thank you to our GroYourBiz Global Virtual Chair, Deidre Hackman and Managing Director of Alberta, Leann Hackman-Carty for making the connections. It is all about SAVING Lives and SAVING Costs with a Canadian Innovation! Good for Alberta for being the FIRST!

Amazing work by Carolyn Cross, GroYourBiz Global Virtual Member & CEO, Ondine Biomedical Inc. as well as Izabella Roth and Christenson Communities for putting Edmonton on the map for being the first adult community to receive the Steriwave ND Photodisinfection protocol in order to protect staff and residents from COVID19. Residents at the Village At Westmount are so lucky! Christenson Communities staff and healthcare professionals are going to receive the antimicrobial technology, and Village residents will be given the opportunity to access the nasal decolonization therapy. Protecting older adults is paramount right now.

“We swab each nostril, with a pre-saturated swab that has the blue gel in it, and we make sure that we are getting good coverage because the gel can attach itself to the microbes, and then we insert the light tips to illuminate that area for just a few minutes and that causes the rupture of these cells of the microbes,” Ondine Biomedical Corporate Development Director Angelika Vance said.