Failure is not the opposite of success… often it’s just an awkward step in the overall journey.  Chala Dincoy, CEO of Coachtactics and a speaker at the EXCELerate 2015 conference, talks with a wide range of leaders and shakers who will be speaking at the EXCELerate conference in Vancouver, Sep 30 -Oct 2.  This series of casual and frank Skype conversations showcases the speakers’ expertise, personality, and vulnerability.  It’s a sneak preview of what you can expect to hear and learn at the conference… and why you can’t miss attending the event yourself.

Michele Bailey, CEO of Blazing the Agency, happens to be one of Barbara Mowat’s best friends.  As stated by Marg Hachey (Managing Director, GroYourBiz Eastern Canada) “Michele offers insight and practical advice mingled with wonderful stories”. This is a woman who can make you laugh and has lessons to share. Enjoy her candid insights into her own learning process!


Michele’s fabulous session “My Big Idea – Keeping Goals First and Foremost!”  will be held Thursday October 1, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm. Visit EXCELerate 2015’s Program at a Glance for more details!

Read Michele Bailey’s Book Excerpt-Learn to Be a Leader

Don’t miss Monday’s talk with Chala and Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, CEO of DeeBee’s SpecialTea’s, a panelist for Friday Oct 2nd’s Breakfast Plenary Session with David Suzuki!

If you missed Barbara Mowat’s interview with Ian MacKenzie, listen to EXCELerate’s crowdfunding expert.