Kara MorganKara Morgan, Project Manager, PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions and GroYourBiz Virtual 1 Member!

PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions takes a holistic approach to helping inundated, growth-minded professional service providers and start-ups build efficient, sustainable, reliable businesses using digital automation and scalable operating systems that grow your client base while reducing costs.

Ask me how I can help you create a digital presence with our Done-For-You online forms and contactless kits that effortlessly get you online and keep clients safe and engaged.

We are also committed to improving the lives of marginalized women and children through our social enterprise by creating ways to create financial independence and sustainability.

What makes us unique is our approach to efficiency and productivity. We look at your business as a holistic unit and uncover the root cause of your inefficiencies and operational gaps that impact productivity. We know that inefficient businesses are not sustainable. Our holistic approach allows us to examine unconventional options for resolving your challenges.

How Does GroYourBiz benefit you and your business growth?

“Through GroYourBiz I have made some special connections and partnerships that would have not been available to me through other networking groups. I have also made some important friendships with like-minded women who want to uplift other women. It has been a rewarding journey.”