Kathy Barthel Kathy Barthel, Founder, Take on the World and GroYourBiz Toronto Member!

“If you’re not repelling someone, you’re doin’ it wrong!”

That means you’ve got to own what makes you distinct and present it in a compelling way on video—even if not everyone likes it—confident that as you repel the wrong clients, you attract (many more of) the right ones.

As a video and brand presence coach and strategist at Take on the World, that’s what I teach women business leaders—how to own their unique brand presence so they stand out on video; how to see beyond the camera lens and connect emotionally with the viewer on the other side; and how to deliver meaningful content and experiences to them. That way they harness the intimate power of video to build the genuine, long-lasting client relationships that will help their businesses thrive in our virtual world.

Video is my second home, but I know that being on camera is not most women entrepreneurs’ idea of a good time, so I always make it fun!

I am a former TV host, TV producer, YouTube show host, journalist, and interviewer with over 25 years’ experience creating content for major media outlets including CTV, CBC, YTV, MSN, HGTV, Rogers, and Slice.

How Does GroYourBiz benefit you and your business growth?

“My GroYourBiz board (Toronto 4) gives me a consistent community that is growing more connected as friends and business colleagues the longer we are together. I appreciate the sincere commitment to supporting me wherever I am in my business; encouraging me if I’ve hit a wall; sharing ideas, including how to tackle challenges and leverage opportunities; and challenging me when I need it too.

We have a great mix of businesses and areas of experience; and our chair is wise, insightful, challenging and fun, always looking for ways to provide more value in our meetings. In fact, all three leaders who have chaired my board since I’ve been a member, have given great value in different ways. The board concept provides the opportunity to go deep each month with people who understand me and my business.

GroYourBiz also provides a larger community where I always expand my connections at in-person events and more recently during virtual events. I have been especially impressed with the creative ways GroYourBiz has stepped up during the pandemic by inviting valuable guest speakers, sharing relevant workshop content, and creating initiatives like the Member Spotlight Pilot Program, that have really deepened the value of my membership.”