Isabel Banerjee (left) and Barbara Mowat.

Isabel Banerjee (left) and Barbara Mowat.

You’ve already built a business. It’s survived, perhaps even thrived, now you’re wondering what’s next?

Taking your business to the next level can be very challenging, one way to overcome this challenge is to work with others that have faced similar hurdles or that have experience in areas you may be unfamiliar with.

One method of business sharing can be experienced through participation in group meetings with other entrepreneurs. Monthly meetings help to draw upon the skills, expertise, inspiration and energy of like-minded business owners. And, studies have shown that meeting regularly, sharing and receiving highly beneficial legal, accounting, financial and marketing advice can have a positive impact, especially for women business owners.

Isabel Banerjee, managing director for the newly formed GroYouurBiz Arizona chapter, believes all businesses, no matter their size, face similar issues such as cost control, branding, marketing, human resource struggles, competition and technical advances.

“Small businesses cannot afford to hire people with expertise in all of areas of business. What makes the GroYourBiz concept unique and successful is that fellow members act as your personal board of directors; providing expert guidance and strategies to help your business be more successful.” – Isabel Banerjee.

Barbara Mowat, the inspiration and driving force behind the GroYourBiz brand also believes that peer-to-peer group meetings are one of the best methods for business owners to learn from each other.

“Working together the members of board groups can draw upon the skills, expertise, inspiration and energy of other like-minded entrepreneurs offering practical solutions to attract tomorrow’s customers and grow their business,” said Barbara Mowat.

GroYourBiz, was formed in 2010 to foster and support women entrepreneurs and business owners through peer-to-peer board advisory groups. The business model which focusses on helping female entrepreneurs grow their business, is looking forward to the opening of their first US chapter. The Phoenix, Arizona chapter will open on March 3, 2014.

GroYourBiz Launch Phoenix – 3 March, 2014