This session will showcase prominent leaders who will share their views reflecting on the current trends and issues, the rise of dementia and other diseases, the increased burden on families, patients and caregivers, the need for more teamwork, collaborative communication, and professionals whose innovative ideas and approaches in a variety of health care fields can make breakthroughs. There is no “one solution”; however, after years of “just talking” is it time to come up with National Standards and provide the investment healthcare deserves to support the most vulnerable in our society? The panelists are all making strides in healthcare issues and the social goals we most care about as it relates to EXCELerates’ four major themes: leadership, global competitiveness, business growth and megatrends.

What are the current trends and issues? Provide baseline information. How can we deliver better health outcomes for less money spent? Can we transform healthcare through communications technology? Coming out of COVID, what do we hang on to and what do we let go? What needs to change in Care Facilities? We will have a “tsunami of elders” in the next 30 years. Who will care for them and at what cost?