Zuly Mattallana Tiara Bliss inc Tiara Shower cap Zuly Mattallana, founder, TIARA Bliss Inc. and GroYourBiz Global Member!

TIARA Shower Cap is changing the way women like and use shower caps globally. The TIARA fully protects your hair style saving you time. It and allows you to skip the next day wash. We believe in functionality, top quality, design, fair trade and sustainability. Our waterproof shower cap is comfortable to wear, reusable and last shower after shower. The elastic at the back and our unique patented towel design is bringing innovation with comfort to the Shower Cap world! TIARA is the only shower cap in the market that is machine washable and dryable. The exterior part of the TIARA is made from recycled plastic bottles. TIARA Shower Cap will last you for a very long time so it’s an investment for healthy beautiful hair.

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