Thanks to CAF team from National Defence (Sophie Galarneau, DG, Public Affairs,  Veronique Duhamel, Director, Strategic Public Affairs Engagement, Major Brian Martin, Manager, External Communications/Public Relations & Ruwan Samarakoon, Communications Advisor), I was honored to receive a certificate issued by the ADM of Canadian Armed Forces with a heart-warming message: “With our sincere thanks for helping the National Defence Public Affairs Office Pacific develop relationships with female business leaders in the Greater Vancouver Area. Your involvement has had an invaluable impact on the Canadian Armed Forces.”

From my point of view, I should be the one giving a certificate to all the people that make up the CAF, who continue to risk their lives, who protect us from harm, assist with disaster relief, lead search and rescue missions, among so many other duties which contribute to Canada’s international peace and security.  I’m most grateful to all of you.